Everybody needs a break

It’s that time, finally!

Somehow I set myself up with a schedule of taking a vacation every 6 months for the last two vacations. In 2011, I spent a week in the Florida Keys and then I spent the Christmas vacation time in Europe and rang in the new year in Paris! Since coming back home the first week in January, I’ve had a different focus: professional development.

It’s been a long year of working hard, working 2 jobs, career changes and transitions and we are just around the corner from 9 months into 2012 and I have not had a break!

With the insight that Groupon Getaways provides, we are just over 12 hours away from embarking on a road trip to North Carolina! Mountains, cooler air, white water rafting, antiquing… oh the possibilities!

A change of scene can provide fresh perspective and inspire waves of creativity. I’m so excited for a few days off, no work, just PLAY!

Be back in a few days – and I’ve got a new project I’m working on that I’m excited to share soon!



pretty, pretty, pretty!


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