Forget TGIF – and I’m usually happy it is Friday, but SATURDAY is the real start of the weekend and the true source of happiness. So Happy Saturday everyone and Happy College Football Day (as I told my man this morning with a kiss on the nose as I left him to make camp on the couch in front of the TV).

Being a Florida girl, I am a Gators fan – but not obsessively. If you want the truth, I’m much more into NASCAR, which is a surprising trait about me – or so I’ve been told 🙂

So while he sits on the couch, for me- today is a day to work on some projects I’ve been wanting to get to and finishing others I’ve halfway started. I came across this idea from another blog, (  to actually get around to doing those projects that I pinned on Pinterest. I’m going to take it a step further and incorporate this into my schedule every week and call it Practicing Pinterest. Practicing Pinterest will take place once a week (most likely during the Friday-Sunday time) and I hope to pin and share some of these DIY projects that I keep meaning to do, eventually, one day, when I get around to it.. you know how it goes.

So that’s the plan for this weekend, I’m working on a couple. Hoping to have some finished products to share in the next day or so, so plan to swing back soon!

May you have a wonderful and productive weekend!




Witty replies welcome:

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