Save the Shelter Babies!

I haven’t gone into too many details about how I feel about dogs yet.. but both of my fur babies are both rescues and I highly advocate rescuing animals vs. purchasing from pet shops. Both of my girls happen to be very similar in breed & amazingly get along like long lost sisters.

This past weekend I felt a tug on my heart when one of our local shelters put out a plea for the community to step up  & help. The shelter was over 100 animals in surplus and out of room for many of them. This particular shelter is, in fact, a “kill” shelter and euthanizes animals in extreme situations. To avoid euthanizing animals just to free up space, several local news stations broadcasted stories and the city’s mayor also put out a plea to the city to help. Even though we are about at capacity in our home for our 2 pups, and against my love’s wishes.. I went to the shelter to find a baby to take in, to foster.

Fostering differs from adopting in the main sense that the experience is temporary. I know we don’t have room for a third pup, and the power struggle that would probably ensue amongst the 3. When we walked through the section of pups with colds who were on meds (and really needed a home environment to be calm and get well in), we talked past one particular fur baby who ran to the other side of her cage and curled up in a ball in an attempt to hide. Poor thing, there was nothing in her cage to hide under or behind.

I asked for details on this particular pup, and turns out she was picked up on the streets. She didn’t have a name that she responded to and was scared to death of every thing and everyone. I brought her home in attempts to get her well and socialize her a bit so that hopefully in 2 weeks, when it’s time to take her back, she can get scooped up and settled in a loving home.

Please take a look and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about her. I’m hoping I can find someone to adopt her before I have to take her back to the shelter.


Witty replies welcome:

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