It’s not a fad if it’s not a new year’s resolution

It’s October, my favorite month! Bring on the birthday season, fall weather, boots, & renewed zest to get it together! This happens to me twice a year, when fall begins (used to be in conjunction with beginning a new semester) & when it happens to everyone else – when a new year begins. It’s that feeling of a clean slate, of getting a new opportunity to do better, to achieve more, and to be happier.

I’ve been working towards so many things this year; getting out of debt, getting a full-time job that fits my career ambitions, finding a fitness change that I can accommodate into my busy schedule.. you name it.

I’ve worked down the debt from 5 credit cards down to 1. I’ve transitioned from 2 part time jobs back to 1 that allows me to pick my hours and have my days/weekends free and engage in a contractor position that allows me to connect professionally in the kind of work I aspire to do. I’ve spent hours upon hours putting together a professional portfolio to showcase my talent and history of successes (viewable here). I’ve made serious progress in all of the areas I’ve been working towards – except fitness.

My boyfriend is retired Army and has a much more disciplined self when it comes to exercise. He likes to eat the bad food as much as I do and couldn’t part with sodas.. but the difference is that he can get himself out of bed in the morning and go do some time in the gym to at least counteract some of our bad food choices, if not to tone and lose some. Me, I snooze as many times as I possibly can and am the worst morning person you’ll ever meet.

On that note, I should probably mention that I’m always tired. Frankly, I can’t figure out a reason why I would be.. I work around 30 hours a week and take care of house things, errands, etc. in my free time – but it’s nothing grueling that I should feel like I’m still pulling 60 hour weeks. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t take good enough care of myself.

I was reading my Self magazine today and was intrigued by their sandbag exercise and have decided to implement an exercise routine. I used to belong to a gym and used to go to the fitness classes and lift weights at one point in my life.. but that was a few years ago and I have since seriously slacked.

So, today is a big day because it’s the day I made the decision to finally act with purpose regarding fitness and fitting it into my life.

It’s time to live well, stay tuned to see what schedule I come up with!

What do you do to be healthy?



Witty replies welcome:

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