Making Your Best Grocery List

It’s been a few weeks.. but it’s time to start wrapping up the Be Prepared for the Chaos Series!

The third part in the series will discuss making your grocery list. The art of being prepared when it comes to food and not falling prey to those moments when you’re starving and there are no quick grab & go options, takes planning. Yes, it’s work. If you do the work up front though, there is alot less to do in the actual store. Just follow your list and toss the items in your basket.

I have created a list that’s relevant to our household when it comes to stocking up our kitchen on all of our staples.

Grocery list viewable here:

Master Grocery List p1

Master Grocery List p2

As you can see, I’ve attempted to divide the types of items into categories as well as allow for those extra items that vary from trip to trip. If you can get it all down in a format that you can refer back to, planning is much easier & there are fewer trips back to the store for forgotten items.

Making Your Best Grocery List:

1. Refer to your master grocery list and note which items you need to pick up

2. Select dinners that you want to make during the time frame between grocery trips. Me, I shop every 2 weeks. So I plan for a 2 week period. Breakfast items, lunch items, dinner items, snacks, etc. are all incorporated. I make a list of all of the potential meals so that I don’t forget about anything in my pantry and then I use a weekly menu board that I made to keep myself organized. This eliminates the whole “I know we have food, but I don’t know what to make tonight..” or “I was going to make this chicken recipe but I forgot to lay out the chicken ahead of time..”

Easy to make DIY menu board. Pick a frame & a favorite [light colored] scrapbook paper, and label each day with colorful stickers. Replace the glass on the frame and use a dry erase marker to update your menu board weekly with all of your dinner ideas to make dinner prep a cinch!

3. Read through all of the recipes that you have collected for this grocery trip’s dinners. Make note of any items that you will need to pick up so that you don’t get halfway through prepping dinner only to realize you didn’t have garlic salt in your cabinet like you thought.

4. The next step is finding coupons for the items that you didn’t add to the list just because they were on sale or BOGO when you began your meal planning process, like we discussed in one of the earlier parts in the series, viewable here.

Part 4: Couponing your grocery list – to come soon!


Witty replies welcome:

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