So the stakes are high..

Well it’s Monday, again.

Monday means the beginning of a new work week [for most] and, if nothing else, drives you to do SOMETHING to be productive. Weekends are for being lazy, relaxing, etc. Mondays are for work.

So, that being said, I’ve been thinking about an important concept here lately. Most of us expect so much from ourselves and don’t allow ourselves to obtain the tools to do the job right. Much of this concept centers around money and guilt. I can relate, I’ve been obsessively trying to pay down some credit cards and get back on track by putting some money into savings, all the while try to build an online presence for myself in *hopes* of finding a full time job that will allow me some financial relief/peace of mind. But I’m still trying to utilize my free time in decorating our house and making it our home. I’m realizing that, with my recent 25th birthday, I am not letting myself BE the person I can be because I’m limiting myself by feeling guilty about spending any money at all on myself for things that I need or tools that I could greatly benefit from.


I’m not saying toss your good sense out of the window and go empty your bank account, charge up those cards and fill your car with purchases. But if there are legitimate things that you need or things that would help you work harder – those might be worth buying, and viewed as investments.

Money invested in yourself, is money well spent.

You also need to know yourself. Me, I’m a list maker. For every thing I do, everywhere I go, every project I take on.. there’s a list.

Blog post planning list

Immediate running to-do list that sits on my desk

Current meal options after our latest grocery trip

to-do list on my phone

I know I think in lists. Since I’m a girl, I like pattern and color. Why not give yourself the colorful, pretty, creative options to do the work that needs to be done? I know I have to have lists, so I give myself lots of different ways to keep lists to stay on top of everything going on.

I should probably say that I ADORE pattern and color. Your life and the things you use [to do work or to play] don’t have to be cookie cutter and dull.

My power organization tools

Take a little time, add a little TLC, and maybe spend the extra couple dollars if it’ll lift your mood and inspire some creativity.

After all, it’s the details that matter.

Happy Monday!


Witty replies welcome:

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