Darling Little Things: DIY Phone Case

So, I’m one of those people who likes to customize, outfit & personalize my belongings. We’re talking my notebooks, my tablet case, my dogs [who just started wearing sweaters!! but that’s another story for another day] and of course – my phone.

Everyone needs a phone case for pure utility purposes.. especially if you’re anything like me, and fairly clumsy.

I had ordered a new case off of Amazon a few months ago, and don’t get me wrong – I love Amazon & online shopping.. but this case was definitely far from what the description said. Instead of turquoise, I got a plain blue & black humongous, bulky case. While it did save me from a few near death moments when I dropped it.. when I saw this tutorial I knew it was time to go back to a sleeker look.

I found a tutorial on Lesley Myrick’s blog. She’s one of my new favorite bloggers to follow and her DIY [i]Phone case tutorial was exactly what I needed to get going with my own.

Even though Lesley’s tutorial is for an iPhone case, fear not – there are plenty of clear cases out there for ALL phones. I personally use an HTC Amaze and found a nifty little clear case for 2 bucks.

I bought a piece of card stock and and traced around my phone to cut out a template. The next part was trickier.

I put the blank card stock template inside of the clear case and traced all of the places in the case where there are holes (for the camera, speaker, etc.). I then took an Exacto Knife to carefully cut those areas out. Afterwards, I took a ruler & sharpie and went to town creating a checkered pattern.

My checkered phone case card stock insert

Afterwards, slip the card stock into the clear case, slide your phone in and secure everything – & BAM. Customized, super cheap & WAY cute phone case that you can flaunt. Best part? When people ask if you got a new phone and where your case came from, you can say Oh, this? I made it myself. 🙂

My finished DIY phone case


2 comments on “Darling Little Things: DIY Phone Case

  1. Cute! Love how you’ve taken my tutorial and adapted it for your phone. And the checkered pattern is super cute! xo

    • Thanks!! I wish I was better at drawing, I loved your little designs that you drew onto different templates. Checkered was about all I could DEFINITELY do.. but it reminds me of the Nascar checkered flag.. I’m from the south, and a Nascar fan.. 🙂 I’m thinking about branching out with a new one soon though. Thanks for the tutorial!

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