Darling Little Things: Things that sparkle

Oh, Monday – we meet again. Normally I don’t have too much trouble with Mondays as I work more of a hybrid schedule and have days technically off and am not clocked in, and clocked in work in the evenings. But today was a struggle. Might be because we were MUCH more social this weekend and had quite a lovely time, just not a whole heck of a lot of sleep. 😛 So, I thought something that makes me happy would be largely appropriate.

Maybe it’s the season with all of the lights and sparkly things in ways of ribbon and bows and tinsel.. or maybe I’m just hitting a new point in my life, but suddenly I am very excited by things that sparkle. I have my fair share of costume jewelry but never went crazy with it, but oh times may be changing. Check out my finds this weekend:

skitch finalI limited myself to these 3 (really, 5 because the one card has 3 sets on it) but I had about 6 in my hand at one point. Life is about balance and my life is lacking some glam and glitz, so for $11 bucks.. I figure I can inject a little bit of sparkle here and there. Laid atop my dresser, they just make me so happy seeing the bright colors and sparkle.. can’t wait to wear them!

Happy Monday!

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