Our Christmas: a few of my favorite things

Of course Christmas is a fun time of year, and at our house we still get caught up in unwrapping presents and slipping gag gifts in where we can. 🙂 I’m a little behind, but I wanted to share some of my favorite things from this Christmas.




1. The best fudge that EXISTS. My nana filled an entire bag of different kinds of sweets and while it’s throwing off my goal to be healthier in 2013 – (I really think my change is going to be all about incorporating exercise rather than cutting out all good things anyway) I’m in HEAVEN with this stuff! 2. This beautiful Fossil bag is not only sophisticated (and makes me feel put together and more adult just by carrying it), it does not have a long strap so there is no option for me to carry it on my shoulder and then subsequently feel like my arm is going to fall off or create more knots in my shoulders. WIN! 3. A Wacom bamboo tablet. My boyfriend didn’t understand what it was or why I wanted it so bad, but like the great guy he is – he got it for me. I’m super excited to play with it and hopefully add another dimension to my blog posts in the near future. 🙂 4. These fuzzy polka dotted socks are one of the best things ever invented. On cold nights or even moderately cool days, those bad boys will keep your feet warm and cushioned. I have a growing collection of them and I think it might be a new Christmas tradition because I’ve gotten a pair every year… 5. BLING. Another score for the boyfriend. He was heading out one Saturday afternoon and I said “okay, be safe! Bring me back something pretty!” He responded: you already have something pretty, and was referring to a necklace that he bought me our first Christmas.. which I adore. But it’s 2 years old and I could stand an addition to my collection. I opened this sparkly counterpart on Christmas, quite surprised really because I didn’t think he would go find something else. 🙂 Girls like sparkly things. 6. In our house, we enjoy watching TV shows and Netflix by connecting my MacBook to our TV. The only problem is that sound doesn’t travel through to the TV’s speakers and the sound comes through the laptop. So if we’re quiet and the dishwasher and washing machine are quiet, we can hear the show. I asked for a set of speakers to aid in our sound quality for this type of activity and my sister came through. This little bad boy can be connected by a cord or wirelessly via Bluetooth, up to THIRTY feet and man does it play. I’ve seen these popping up all over for Christmas gifts this year, Bed Bath & Beyond and Walgreens, for sure that I saw.. this is a neat little toy that everyone could find a use for I think.

Of course I got lots of other great things.. new pjs, a sweet lamp for my crafts table, some books, house things.. it’s always great stuff. These were just a few of my favorites that make me especially happy. What great products did you stumble on this year? I’d like to hear!

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