Darling Little Things: a new makeup routine

With any new year comes lots of purging, reorganizing and clean slates. This year is no different. I recently became a Mary Kay consultant and am SOOO excited to have new products and a new skin care regiment. That being said, there is lots of stuff… everywhere. So, I decided to pare down to essentials and really love the items that I have and use them.

I have 4 make up bags that have random stuff in them, a couple of products that I use in each of them that got left behind when i decided to move on to a new make up bag. I went through everything and kept what I absolutely loved and threw out the pieces that have just been laying around taking up space and I have a beautiful little spot for all of it now.



The beautiful part about this little set up is that I only bought the basket. I had originally set my sights on a larger basket but found this one in the kitchen section of World Market for a bargain price of $7.99. It fits better on my vanity counter anyway. I already had an empty mason jar just sitting on a shelf (I’m slightly obsessed with mason jars and buy them randomly just because) and I already had the cute little glass that are holding my brushes. I picked that up at Anthropologie for $4 bucks and thought it was the cutest thing.

Of course I have more make up that I don’t use everyday, the wilder colors.. I am a total sucker for the brighter colored eyeliners [purple, green, teal],but I’ve gotten to where I don’t wear those every day. SO, I did keep one make up bag with all of my beloved items that are for special occasions and it stays tucked in a cabinet in our bedroom and not thrown in a cabinet with 4 other bags full of random nonsense.

It feels good to pare down and simplify. Now the things I have are all things that I love and I don’t have to rummage. Time saver and I’m back to a place where I enjoy getting ready again. Cheers!

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