13 in 2013

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the new year, wanting to put so many intentions into play. But I tried to wait until after the new year started so that the holidays could pass and we could enjoy that time fully. Now that we are a little over a week into 2013, I’ve put together a complete list of goals that I would like to accomplish this year. I know it’s unlikely to keep all resolutions (or even 1 it seems like) but, I’m hoping by making a list of goals and not resolutions, they’ll stick a little better.

13 in 2013

1. Be healthier

I’m not cutting out all sugar or sweets or the random cravings for Mexican that I get, but I can reign in my sugar intake, I can cut out sodas again, and I can definitely drink more water and be more active.

health - 1 2. 52 week project – Project Life.

I’m committing to keeping up with a 52-week project of documenting and recording our lives. I’m already in love with it and am appreciating our everyday activities even more.


3. Become debt free

I’ve worked out a debt payment plan to requires me to work more and work harder and it also requires all cash spending (I do not ever use cash) so that when the budgeted funds are gone, they’re gone and there is no overspending. It also requires a lot of self control and self motivation to continue pushing myself. But I know it’ll be worth it when [hopefully in 6 months] I have zero balances on all cards and a lot more play room for spending on house projects, new shoes I never indulge in, etc.

debt - 3

4. Take more pictures, and take better pictures.

I’m so enamored with those photos on other blogs that I admire and am inspired by. I could spend an extra minute considering composition and could allow a day to edit and pump up photos that I feature on my blog. I have also been exploring other camera apps available on the Android market and am finding that I can add create different effects besides the few I was already doing. Overall goal – take more pictures that I’m proud of, that I find interesting.

camera, photos - 4

5. Finish our office/studio.

We upgraded to a 2 bedroom apartment (that feels like a house because it’s a garden style/cottage style, so we have 2 very spacious bedrooms besides our living area/kitchen/dining room) and besides our bedroom – have set up the back room as an office. Josh has a desk, I have a desk, and I rearranged EVERYTHING to build a craft table a while back. Only problem is, while it is functional, I would love to put lots of inspirational art and color over my craft desk and add some storage so it’s a bit more functional. For now it’s a big white wall. I hate white walls.

office -5

6. Pay off my car.

I technically have a year and a half left, but I have a serious savings plan in effect right now [see number 2] that would free up quite a bit of funds after credit cards to sock into my car and hopefully pay off before the end of the year.. allowing me to have 6 extra months of no car payment! Whoo!

car - 6

7. Add more touches to our house.

My last apartment was my first apartment I lived in alone, that was just my space [before Josh moved in, that is]. Before that, I had roommates. So this apartment was EXACTLY how I wanted it.. meaning turquoise walls. I loved it. I loved the whimsical feel, I loved the intense color, even though everyone said wow.. that’s alot of color when they walked in. I didn’t care. It made me happy. Painting it back did not make me happy though, when we moved. So our new apartment is cream walls (not exactly white) and I am still a little anti-painting walls these days [and have since been fueling my painting whims on furniture instead] so I would love to keep collecting things that I continue to fill our walls. It’s hard though, when you’re on a budget and as picky as I am.. so I continue to keep my eyes open, but I’m hoping to find more opportunities to find things this year.

2013 goals - house touches with comment

8. Be more active with the pups.

My sweet babies are so lovey dovey and will spend all day curled up in bed with me if that’s what I chose to do. They are both rescue pups so they’re a little needier than your average dog I think, and the little one just loves to be held like a baby, believe it or not.

active with pups - 8

9. Read more.

It seems like I used to spend so much time reading. I love to read. I just can’t seem to find as much time for it these days, but I would like to make a conscious effort to try to. The only difference is that any kind of reading, whether it be novels or the coffee table-type books that I got for Christmas about decorating and learning to sew, are all going to count.

reading more books - 9

10. Learn to sew.

There are so many projects that I’ve pinned that I could TOTALLY do, if I knew how to sew. I’ve gotten past the first step, and acquired a sewing machine in the past year.. this year, I intend to figure out how to work it and use it!

learn to sew - 10

11. Truly invest in the Mary Kay opportunity.

I am a new beauty consultant who took a complete leap of faith at the end of 2012 and decided to join Mary Kay and start a small business. I am both terrified and excited by the possibilities and lack of structure that comes with being your own boss. I don’t have specific things that I have to do in order to make money, but the beauty is that I can work as hard or as little as I want – and I am working for myself and getting to have FUN.. I think that’s why it’s so weird and foreign to me. It seems too good to be true. There are so many other women out there doing it though, and doing it well, so why can’t I do it too?

mary kay - 11

12. Wear red lipstick.

I’ve enviously looked upon other ladies who have gotten that red lip, subtle make up look just right and always store that thought in the back of my mind somewhere that I would like to achieve that some day too. It’s going to be this year.

red lipstick - 12

13. To take advantages of opportunities. 

Like a lot of people, I tend to kind of wait for what I consider to be opportunities to come my way. They do circle around now and then and once in a while I think gosh, this was such a great thing to happen! But I’ve learned that I need to be ready and be out there so that more of those moments are within reach.

opportunities - 13

What do your goals for this year look like? It seems like there are always a few of the same that crop up.. save more, pay off debt, eat healthier, lose weight.. I’ve got my own version of those but there are so many other ways to self improve, and whether it’s a new year or not – we should always be trying to be better!

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