New year, new look

I’ve been working like crazy through the holidays to get things in order to start the new year off right. Today I’d like to share my file cabinet that got a new look for the new year.

This baby is a total hand-me-down from my parents, who have used it.. for who knows how long. It had files in it from when I was a baby.. so over 20  years.

FxCam_1355836514679It’s had paint drip on it from the different times I painted my bedroom at the old apartment, and just looks like it needs a little TLC. I’ve been experimenting with spray paint more recently and have been drawn to brighter colors of late. What better way to cheer this sad, tired looking file cabinet up than with some school bus yellow spray paint?

It did take me 3 cans to completely coat this bad boy to my satisfaction. For whatever reason, this spray paint (Krylon Fusion in the brightest yellow on the shelf) disseminated through the air and turned the floor outside of the drop cloth yellow as well!! (but luckily came off when I hosed the porch off) But just a warning in case you are inspired to turn something in your home a bright cheery color, by spray paint.

File cabinet makeover grid


I love the yellow so much, it almost makes me WANT to file all my papers. 🙂



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