No fear, I’m back!!

It’s been two and a half months or so. I knew I’d be cutting back my presence in blog world, but I didn’t anticipate a complete halt. Life’s been super busy filled with 70 hour work weeks, tackling the aftermath of whatever tornado comes through my house once a week (usually on Tuesdays for some reason) and life’s curve balls like surprise vet visits when my little fur baby started whimpering when she walked. She has arthritis, btw- but is taking lots of vitamins and pills now to keep her joints feeling great so she can bounce around like she likes to. 🙂

I’m not QUITE into debt free land but I’m RIGHT on the other side of the bridge about to pay the toll to enter! When I began my blogging hiatus, I was in about $4500 worth of credit card debt. In the large scheme of things, that’s not a big deal if you look at the average amount of debt most people carry, according to all of those polls and articles floating around on Wisebread and on any financial site. But I mentioned it a couple of months ago, I was in a surviving mindset with that hanging over my head and not really enjoying too much of my life. I was consumed with working and making money to get rid of the debt, but not in a systematic way. So, long story short – I knew changes had to be made.. but those kinds of changes are usually the hardest kind to get going. Nevertheless, 2013 is the year to get out of debt and get to a better financial place. I am down to ONE card with less than $1,000 balance (in 2 months, whoo!) and I have analyzed, adjusted and rewritten my budget (more than once) to allow me to pay off that debt and still have money to take care of all of our necessities and have a little bit of fun money that is currently going into redecorating 🙂

So in my 2 month hiatus, I have slowly gotten to a place where I am loving my free moments because they’re full of guilt free, non-worrisome moments with Josh & the pups, finding a new favorite brunch spot, spring cleaning & decluttering (it’s so freeing!), dreaming up new design layouts for our house & ways to continue to personalize it to fit our personalities. I’m content with my 50 hour work week working jobs that don’t fire me up because these jobs are allowing me free time to engage in the moments that DO excite me. I’m trying to make a point to appreciate those moments every day and notice the little things that make one day different from the next.

I hope to transition this blog into showcasing those moments that make me happy and make our life in this moment something special. I can always dream about my goals for the future: that perfect job I haven’t found yet that I spring out of bed for, that first house with a fenced in yard for my pups that we’ll buy, etc. but I’ve realized that today is just as important as next week or next year and I want to live in it.

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