For the fur babies

I think all of us with animals can admit that sometimes we treat our furry companions a bit too much like actual children. Truth is, though, in this stage of my life – where I have no children – my 2 dogs ARE my children. They are mischief makers, and get reprimanded accordingly. They require attention and bonding time every day and are there to greet us happily at the door when we get home. Don’t human children do the same? Just sayin.

brooklyn at vet

Recently, my younger pup (she’ll be 5 this year) started limping and would start hopping to lift one foot off the ground and make this gut-wrenching howl whenever she suddenly put too much weight on this back paw. We didn’t realize what the problem was for a few days because some days she would just lay around looking sad. Other days she would romp and play with the older pup without a problem. But these days would alternate. So, I took her to the vet to find out the problem.

Turns out she has mild arthritis and her knee cap is popping in and out of place and causing her a great deal of pain when she puts weight on it when this happens. The vet recommended she be given Glucosamine/Chondroitin and Fish Oil pills every day to help with her joints, etc. Just like people. Maybe they really ARE just furry kids.

I ordered 2 huge bottles off Amazon (love that Prime membership!) and we starting adding those pills into the regimen. The older pup will eat ANYTHING you give her, including rocks. (She has thrown up a fairly sizable rock before..) She has no problem with the added pills. The little one has always been a bit fickle and picky about her food anyway.. will NOT eat these pills. I even dipped them in yogurt and froze them to encourage her to eat them. She licked the yogurt off and left the pills. That little rat.

So, this weekend – I won. I added peanut butter to the mix and made a batch of both pills so we don’t have to do this ordeal every morning.

A month's worth of dog vitamins.

What kinds of [seemingly] silly things do you do for your fur babies?


Witty replies welcome:

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