Let’s talk more about change.

to want is not enough

Life changes to be more specific.

Not the type of changes that happen to you or are decided for you, but the changes you can effect in your own life.

Find a way to do something you love. Tighten up. Be a bit more financially savvy. Engage. The list goes on.

It’s easy to have a vision. Everyone does.

It’s okay to work a plan, even if the plan involves sitting back and letting the universe do its thing for a little bit while you put in some up front grunt work; i.e. my life right now. We all feel like there’s something more out there, like we’re better than this, like we could do more.

We can.

I read an article today by Jana Schuberth from Love Work Now. It really struck me, since I’ve been envisioning effecting change in my life related to fitness and career passion lately. I won’t say “trying” because I’ve talked about it and gotten up early a couple of days to get in a work out but haven’t REALLY tried. I AM working a plan related to career ambitions but could probably be doing more on that front as well.

Life changes require focus, commitment, consistent effort and discipline.

We could all take a lesson from her article: 12 Reasons Why Feeling Strong and Sexy is Critical for Your Success.

Read it here.

What life changes are going on in your life right now?


A little spontaneity to cure the heart.

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m happy to say that this Monday I’m feeling refreshed, physically & more importantly- mentally.

Last week was a tough week for me. Every day started clumsily; I was knocking my coffee over, or running late, chasing the dogs because they decided to be more adventurous than usual and run off, you name it. I was waking up exhausted (I’m pretty sure I wake up during my deep sleep cycle and need to do something about that) and annoyed before I’d even started my day really.

I was also feeling disconnected, from everyone and everything meanwhile stressing some upcoming obligations and financial things. Not the best mix.

On Friday afternoon I was just trying to get myself psyched up for my last work shift Friday night & I was talking to Josh about my crappy mood and lack of excitement. I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned needing a little getaway over the past 2-3 weeks but I must have said it again Friday.

I’ll be the first to tell you what I think I need, but the last to take a break or spend on something fun when there are other obligations.

Josh said: Let’s go to Daytona this weekend. Book a hotel. I’ll cover everything. We’ll go tomorrow morning after my class.

And so I did.

We had a lovely little beach side weekend drinking cocktails on the hotel balcony overlooking the beach and spent Sunday playing in the water and lounging on the beach.

daytona 2
daytona 1 It was a short trip, only an hour or so away from home. Sometimes though, I think we just need a change of scenery and some time to be unavailable to our to-do lists.

Cheers to feeling refreshed & reconnected!

Nobody likes change..at first.

I’ve had this nervous, anxious feeling in my gut for a while now. We are currently living in a garden-style apartment, that doesn’t really feel like apartment living. Our 2 bedroom, 2 bath offers us lots of space (more than we need really, I’m noticing we’re starting to accrue random things), a great kitchen that was a serious step up from our last starter apartment, a screened porch & an extra good-sized large bedroom that works as our office/creative space.

The curb appeal of our community is definitely lacking and was in need of serious overhaul up until recently when a larger company came in and bought out the old company. When I heard how much the renovations were going to cost, I hoped [but I knew better] that our rent would not go up significantly and that we would be able to renew our lease for another 12 or 15 months and thus continue on our financial plan to eliminate all debt/extras possible this year (credit cards, car payments, cable). The plan is then to sock a large amount into savings each month afterwards for the next year.

But I just knew better.

So now I find myself in limbo because while I am grateful we know 3 months before we can move that we need to, I can’t really start looking yet. We have started to incorporate extra work/efforts to start putting aside cash for moving expenses/time off work/deposits, etc. in September though. So while I browse houses on the market and start thinking about what areas we’ll explore in town and what numbers we want to try and stick close to, I’m also starting to think about what I want to do differently.

1. A house.
I want a house. I don’t really care if it’s an older house with crazy bathroom tile. I want a house that feels more like a home, that we can settle in for 2 or 3 years and take a break from moving every year.

2. More natural light

natural light living room

This type of natural lighting. I never thought much about it before, but I need the space where I spend most time in to be open and bright if at all possible.

3. A yard.
My pups go crazy when we visit my parent’s house. The back yard is enormous and we let them off the leashes and they run laps around the yard.

4. New design challenges.
I’m pretty happy with our apartment now, design wise. The walls are filled without looking cluttered. I would like to do another project or two but now that we have to move.. I wonder if there’s much of a point now. Besides that 1 or 2 things I have in mind though, all of the walls are full and I can’t really do much else unless I start changing things out. So, I’m almost ready for a new space to work on anyway.

5.A real key.
We have these programmable, large/bulky keys to open our front door with. I get that it’s easier on the office to be able to program any key at any moment for instant access if need be, but it takes up a lot of room on my key ring and I can’t make a copy of it. It’s a bit inconvenient and I’m ready to go back to a good ol’ fashioned house key.

This is like anything, I suppose. Change comes for a reason. Usually once we can wrap our minds around it, we realize it was to transition to something better.


Happy Friday!

Darling Little Things:Two for Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I usually struggle more with Tuesdays than Mondays because I’m usually fairly refreshed from the weekend on Monday and Tuesday follows a 10-10 work day. But today is a much better day than yesterday & it just got better with a knock on the door from UPS.

I already follow Joy on Pinterest but had not actually seen her blog. I stumbled on it last week & fell in love. Her post The Art of Being a Goal-Getter, (in parts 1 & 2) really spoke to me because I have always felt that I was meant to do something different, something less traditional and something a little less 9-5ish. It’s not the hours that I don’t like, it’s the same [boring] routine every day. (Although a steady paycheck every week is a nice perk, I will say.)

Her summary of different jobs and transitions put me more at ease in comparison to my own life. So of course I ordered both of her books: Blog Inc & Creative, Inc. I could have ordered them on my Kindle & had the ereader version for a little less… but there’s something so gratifying and nerdy about real books & I’ll tell ya – these are beauties & I’m so excited!

Can’t wait to get going & share what I’m sure will be genius insights!

blog and freelance oh joy

Hope your Tuesday is just as delightful!

Checkin off those goals.

Another goal checked off the list. This one was less focused on a better physical or financial well being and more on self expression and experimentation.

We celebrated a lovely lady’s birthday this weekend and I broke out the red lipstick to go with my party dress.

Firecracker red.


Crossing off completed goals feels great (even if it is something a little more trivial like wearing red lipstick) & makes the year feel progressive.

I think it’s good to challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone in lots of ways and this was my perfect example.


We had a lovely time and we got some great photos.

Hope you had a happy weekend!

In case you were wondering- the lipstick? It’s Mary Kay. The dress? It’s Forever 21. 🙂