Photostrip love.

I’m sliding focus to smaller details around our house. A brighter, cheerier rug for our living room to open it up a bit more. Curtains. Throw pillows. Updated photos and different photo displays around the house.

I’ve pinned tutorials about how to create photo strips in Photoshop and just haven’t gotten around to playing around with it.

But I found an easier way: Boothgram.


Once you go to Boothgram, it asks you to log into your Instagram account. You are then given the option to choose four photos, either your own or photos you’ve liked. Those photos are then laid into a photo strip (up to four photos and in the order you choose them).

Once you’re happy with a layout, you save the file. I saved my files and placed them into a Word document (I didn’t change the size and fit 2 to a page) and sent them to Staples to print a higher quality. You could also print at home and save that $0.59 a page but I’m pretty happy with the quality and $1.50 price tag for my two pages of photo strips.

For now, this website looks as though it loads photos from Instagram exclusively. I may get around to tinkering in Photoshop for non-Instagram photos eventually but most of my favorite photos get shared through Instagram anyway, so this site is a winner in my book!



5 comments on “Photostrip love.

  1. Mishka's Corner says:

    I absolutely love this, I’m planning on gathering all my photos and decorating a whole wall with it. I’ve been so caught up with technology, I forgot that hard-copy are sometimes the better way to save memories.

    • Best part about this website is it’s SO EASY. I didn’t even have them printed on photo paper and the quality is fantastic. Technology gives us opportunity to improve photos and to be incredibly creative but I still love having the hard copies around and switch them up frequently. 🙂 These photo strips are kind of addictive..

      • Mishka's Corner says:

        I must agree with you, technology has done a lot for me as well. It definitely makes being creative more fun and easy.

  2. Sydney says:

    I really really want to try this, but I can’t get to the website 😦

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