Darling Little Things: DIY Flower Vases

Fresh flowers in the house give it that home feeling. About 2 months ago, I started adding plants and fresh flower arrangements all over our house. It’s a great way to add in some color while keeping a more neutral design palette otherwise in the house.

Before I started buying plants/flower bouquets – I started looking for containers to hold flowers. I have a nice large vase that I like, but I also like unconventional and nontraditional pieces as well. I picked up jars, a ceramic water pitcher, and a couple of little glass jars from the dollar store.

I really love this vase that I found on clearance (!!!) at World Market for about $7 a while back.


I didn’t have a specific use for it at the time, but everybody needs a nice vase right?

When I started looking for more containers to hold different flower arrangements around the house, I found that I really wanted to try to do a similar look as this vase but on a smaller scale.

Insert DIY creativity.

I was browsing Pinterest and playing around on the internet and found several sites with free printable vintage labels, like these cigar box labels.

I selected and printed a few of my favorites at a local office store for less than $1.



Up close, you can see that the label isn’t completely flat against the glass. This particular jar has an interesting shape that curves in places that makes it a little more difficult to work with. But from afar (which is how I see it) – it looks just as vintage and awesome as the one I bought.

I love how this turned out & it gives more personality to this smaller arrangement.

Don’t you want to go buy fresh bouquets now & add some pretty to your place?


2 comments on “Darling Little Things: DIY Flower Vases

  1. These are adorable! Love your blog as well. Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award — check out my blog for more details (http://weeklyblondie.wordpress.com/2013/06/16/liebster-sunday/). CONGRATS!

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