Let’s talk more about change.

to want is not enough

Life changes to be more specific.

Not the type of changes that happen to you or are decided for you, but the changes you can effect in your own life.

Find a way to do something you love. Tighten up. Be a bit more financially savvy. Engage. The list goes on.

It’s easy to have a vision. Everyone does.

It’s okay to work a plan, even if the plan involves sitting back and letting the universe do its thing for a little bit while you put in some up front grunt work; i.e. my life right now. We all feel like there’s something more out there, like we’re better than this, like we could do more.

We can.

I read an article today by Jana Schuberth from Love Work Now. It really struck me, since I’ve been envisioning effecting change in my life related to fitness and career passion lately. I won’t say “trying” because I’ve talked about it and gotten up early a couple of days to get in a work out but haven’t REALLY tried. I AM working a plan related to career ambitions but could probably be doing more on that front as well.

Life changes require focus, commitment, consistent effort and discipline.

We could all take a lesson from her article: 12 Reasons Why Feeling Strong and Sexy is Critical for Your Success.

Read it here.

What life changes are going on in your life right now?


2 comments on “Let’s talk more about change.

  1. Sometimes it’s good to have a reminder to throw caution to the wind and just go for it, even if your plan isn’t 100% prepared and perfected. I am trying to psych myself up for that now!

    • That’s probably one of the things I struggle MOST with. I’m such a control freak. But yes, you’re probably right. How’s it going for you.. what kind of life changes do you have going on?

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