New blog space!

New blog space!

To all of my WordPress friends who, more than likely, feel abandoned by my lack of updates the last few months – I have returned! It’s a new year, I’ve got a new focus – and a new place to call blog home. I will continue to blog about life and the craziness over at Typepad from here on out, the new blog is called elle.elle. It’s a better suited brand for me that I can grow with and I just feel that I have more versatility and customization with that platform. I would love for you to add that link to your blog feed & catch back up with me. 

Happy 2014 & cheers to a new year!

P.S. If the link above doesn’t work for any reason, copy & paste:


So change the rules.

My friends, the game has changed.

I think we have all known it for some time now. And when I say “we” –  I’m talking to my fellow Gen Y-ers. The efforts and attitudes that have always served us well in achieving and going far in the past seem to be no longer doing so.

After reading An open letter to and from Gen Y, I think it’s clear that a call for new rules is in order.

“Just because we were told success would come from following the rules doesn’t mean we should still play by them.”

It’s time to make a decision to make a change.


Everyone loves a sale!


I’m extending my Easter egg grab basket sale to all of Dandelion Days followers! If you would like to participate, you may email me at with a valid credit or debit card to purchase (minimum of 2) eggs from the grab basket!
[All cards will be run through Propay, a Mary Kay endorsed company that allows independent beauty consultants to accept credit card payments.]

$8 for 2 eggs, $11 for 3 shipping. There are an assortment of prizes available to win & every egg is a winner! Don’t be fooled by their size.. Don’t you remember the prize egg holding a folded up $20 bill camouflaged to look like the ones holding starbursts?

Good luck!