DIY Chalkboard mug

One of my other DIY Christmas inspirations this year was to take cute coffee mugs and take them up a notch & make them customizable. You’ve seen the idea with wine glasses all over Pinterest most likely and this idea lets guests write their name on their glass so that there’s less confusion when drinks are left unattended. It’s not quite the same reasoning with a coffee mug, chances are you’re going to either be the only one drinking coffee or there aren’t so many that you can’t remember where you placed yours. Nevertheless, the customization option is FUN. 🙂

2012-12-04 12.36.22I used the chalkboard paint that comes in a bottle and dipped my brush into it and worked in layers. I obviously taped off the area that I didn’t want to go past, but I think if I replicated this project in the future – I would maybe tape off both the top and the bottom to have a chalkboard stripe going around the mug.

After 3 coats had dried, I peeled back the painters tape and wrote the gift recipient’s name with chalk and added a couple pieces of chalk with ribbon inside of the mug. I will say the tape didn’t peel off quite as clean as I would’ve liked and could probably have done with a layer of some type of glossing agent to keep it from pulling up the chalkboard paint. It’s not perfect but it was a fun project and overall turned out pretty well for my gifts.

2012-12-04 12.55.26Even if it’s not perfect.. a DIY craft gift is way more personal 🙂

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An old mirror given a new purpose

About 3 1/2 years ago, my Nana gave me a mirror that she had at her house that she wasn’t using. Free is fabulous in my mind, so of course I happily accepted it. I can’t remember what the original color of the frame was, but I spray painted it a dark brown and it lived in my seafoam colored bedroom for a year. Fast forward a year and I moved into my own place, without roommates. The dark brown morphed into a slate gray to go with a slighty darker turquoise colored apartment. (I do love all variations of turquoise.. especially on the walls!) Here we are 2 and a half years later, and we are living in a new house. We have been here about 5 months now and I just don’t have a place for this mirror. It’s been sitting in a closet collecting dust. I had a vision for getting a piece of plywood and cutting it into a heart and covering it with chalkboard paint that I could write on whenever the mood struck me. As I was contemplating how I was going to free hand a heart design on plywood, I happened to look over and see this mirror sitting against the wall.


I have this new obsession with gold spray paint. I love me some spray paint [in general] but gold.. man. Gold is special. I used to only wear gold and I have phased it out over the last several years and pretty much everything I own and even decorate with is some kind of silver. I’m slowly starting to work gold-ish pieces back into my life though, my rose gold watch for my birthday was the first beautiful piece.

SO. I grabbed the mirror and took it all apart. I added some glitz to this frame with gold spray paint. The other amazing thing about gold spray paint is that it covers pretty much anything with only a coat or two, so one can goes a long way.

Next step: I took the mirror that was inside this frame and painted it with chalkboard paint. I ran a search on different kinds of chalkboard paint and basically it seems like chalkboard spray paint is easier and quicker to apply, but that it chips faster than the paint-on kind. I already had some of the liquid kind in the bottle that you paint on with a paint brush so I was going to give it a go. I figured I was in for 4-5 coats, but after 2 I had a pretty thick layer. I did do one extra just to be sure though.



I CAREFULLY put the mirror back into the frame so as not to chip any of the chalkboard surface, but I really didn’t have any issues.. I think maybe the paint on kind is a bit more durable if any of you are considering chalkboard painting anything that you have.


Turn a plain jane mirror into something really special with a little chalkboard paint and some gold spray paint. Instant glamour!

Turn a plain jane mirror into something really special with a little chalkboard paint and some gold spray paint. Instant glamour!

Since it is the Christmas season, my glitzy chalkboard says “Very Merry” & can be seen as soon as you walk through our kitchen. I love it and am seriously thinking about chalkboarding lots of surfaces… If you’ve been contemplating doing so, GO FOR IT!!