Darling Little Things

A new series begins today called Darling Little Things.

In trying to get more organized and trying to blog more often, I’ve come to the realization that what my life is lacking is appreciation for simplicity. Sure, I notice things – but why not showcase the ones that really tickle me?

Over the last year I have tried valiantly to understand the concept of couponing and implemented several different tactics to trim our budget and get on track. I tried cutting out every single coupon in the ads every single Sunday (Oh how I dreaded Sundays during that time) and leaving them on the coffee table so I could see what I had. I also tried putting them into baseball card dividers inside of a binder. Better organization, less clutter.. but it was still alot of out of sight, out of mind. I have since started to utilize those coupon databases, my favorite is Be Centsable and I stick the weekly ads in a page protector inside a HUGE binder and archive them by date. But I was still at a loss for coupons I happened to find, or those catalinas that print when you’re checking out, or off of websites like coupons.com or smartsource.com. They were either all over my desk or I forgot I had them if I put them away.

Then recently, I came across this idea on Pinterest. The actual pin showed a regular key ring (that I have problems moving keys on and off of.. how in the world am I going to put paper on?) I chose to use one of those tiny clips you can find at Home Depot for your keys. I found a set of 2 for 96 cents at Walmart and voila! Easy on, easy off – and SO organized. They hang on my bulletin board above my desk on a tack, always in view. So simple. So brilliant!

Pure brilliance.

Then, my latest find. I was browsing the office supplies at Walmart this past weekend searching for a binder and a sketchbook to be more organized about my blogging. I’m just nerdy and love all office supplies and pens, post its, etc.. especially when they’re cute. Most times I don’t even let myself go down these aisles.. but I did and look what I found!

Portable post-its!

I’m always in need of a notebook or post its in my bag. I’ve transferred most of my thoughts to my cell phone into programs like Evernote so that I can remember later, but there’s just something about physically writing things down and being able to go back to them later.

So darling!

Best part? They’re super cute & only cost $1.50! Now go on out to your neighborhood Walmart & go find these little beauties. You know you need one for your purse, for your car, for your work bag…

Beautiful simplicity!


New beginning

Hello! My name is Lauren. I’m a college grad with a PR degree, spending time with the love of my life and our 2 pups every spare moment we can find. I’ve had quite a few epiphanies here lately.. One of them has led me to create this blog, in order to hopefully explore different hobbies and interests and create something out of this in-between time of life after college then share those explorations and create connections. What’s on the list, you may ask?


Natural/home remedies

My pups


Social media


Cooking (freezer meals, crock pot, you name it!)

Frugal living/couponing

I welcome you for the ride of my whirlwind life!