Nobody likes first.

I’ve had this nervous, anxious feeling in my gut for a while now. We are currently living in a garden-style apartment, that doesn’t really feel like apartment living. Our 2 bedroom, 2 bath offers us lots of space (more than we need really, I’m noticing we’re starting to accrue random things), a great kitchen that was a serious step up from our last starter apartment, a screened porch & an extra good-sized large bedroom that works as our office/creative space.

The curb appeal of our community is definitely lacking and was in need of serious overhaul up until recently when a larger company came in and bought out the old company. When I heard how much the renovations were going to cost, I hoped [but I knew better] that our rent would not go up significantly and that we would be able to renew our lease for another 12 or 15 months and thus continue on our financial plan to eliminate all debt/extras possible this year (credit cards, car payments, cable). The plan is then to sock a large amount into savings each month afterwards for the next year.

But I just knew better.

So now I find myself in limbo because while I am grateful we know 3 months before we can move that we need to, I can’t really start looking yet. We have started to incorporate extra work/efforts to start putting aside cash for moving expenses/time off work/deposits, etc. in September though. So while I browse houses on the market and start thinking about what areas we’ll explore in town and what numbers we want to try and stick close to, I’m also starting to think about what I want to do differently.

1. A house.
I want a house. I don’t really care if it’s an older house with crazy bathroom tile. I want a house that feels more like a home, that we can settle in for 2 or 3 years and take a break from moving every year.

2. More natural light

natural light living room

This type of natural lighting. I never thought much about it before, but I need the space where I spend most time in to be open and bright if at all possible.

3. A yard.
My pups go crazy when we visit my parent’s house. The back yard is enormous and we let them off the leashes and they run laps around the yard.

4. New design challenges.
I’m pretty happy with our apartment now, design wise. The walls are filled without looking cluttered. I would like to do another project or two but now that we have to move.. I wonder if there’s much of a point now. Besides that 1 or 2 things I have in mind though, all of the walls are full and I can’t really do much else unless I start changing things out. So, I’m almost ready for a new space to work on anyway.

5.A real key.
We have these programmable, large/bulky keys to open our front door with. I get that it’s easier on the office to be able to program any key at any moment for instant access if need be, but it takes up a lot of room on my key ring and I can’t make a copy of it. It’s a bit inconvenient and I’m ready to go back to a good ol’ fashioned house key.

This is like anything, I suppose. Change comes for a reason. Usually once we can wrap our minds around it, we realize it was to transition to something better.


Happy Friday!


Christmas Cards spread good cheer

And it’s good if they’re reminding you of that good cheer that was sent your way and not cluttering your kitchen counter tops. This was the first year I actually mailed out cards. I’ve halfway done it in the past (sent out 4 or 5) or given them out in classes when it’s easiest to just hand them to people. But half the fun of Christmas cards is getting cards back in the mail! I already have a better idea for what to put on our cards for next year. 🙂

As far as the organization half of it, I actually thought of this idea all on my own. I went to Michael’s Craft Store and found a delightfully Christmas-y bow (green and red polka dots) and chose similar red and white polka dotted ribbon.

What I started with.

What I started with.

I then took clothes pins and spray painted them gold to hold cards. I’m slightly obsessed with gold spray paint these days. It easily covers other colors and previous layers and covers very evenly..and is instaglam to anything you put it on. Go get a can, you’ll be blown away too.

Our very full Christmas card holder

Our very full Christmas card holder

I put our Christmas card hold right next to the front door, next to an antique 7 Up crate that holds some of our favorite knick knacks and most importantly – our keys so we can grab and dash out the door. It’s a nice reminder of all of our friends out there and adds a bit of festiveness!

Sneak Peek

I mentioned that I was up to my eyeballs in DIY projects.. I’m getting to a point where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for some of it. Here’s a sneak peek into what I’ve been working on.

Three projects I’ve got going on right now that are ALMOST ready for unveiling.

And then the other part that’s super exciting is that I have found SO many great DIY Christmas ideas.. not the cheaping out DIY ideas that just get me out of Christmas shopping with the mobs of crazies (I’ve figured out how to do all my Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday from my computer on my couch anyway 🙂 ).. but the kind that is super personal and unique! I’m so excited!

First Christmas present to arrive!

I’m the worst at taking on too  many projects at one time.. is that how you handle them too? With the invention and craze over Pinterest, I imagine that may be how it is for a lot of people… or women anyway. 🙂

A Balanced Weekend

Happy Monday all!

Seems like every time you turn around, the weekend’s over and it’s already Monday- doesn’t it? I can’t complain, I had a really good & very balanced weekend. I’m a Libra & totally buy into all of the attributes of my sign – when life is balanced, I’m much happier all around. My sign is the scales, after all!

It helps that my weekend was a 3-day weekend. Inspired by A Beautiful Mess Blog, I decided that I should go thrifting more often. I’m up to my eyeballs in DIY & Pinterest projects and keep picking up new things to start the next one.. meaning I have lots of halfway finished things around the house right now. But, if you’re trying to decorate and enrich a space – thrifting can give you ideas and you can find some treasures on the cheap!

One of my favorite shops in Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida.

After perusing some of the local vintage-inspired shops, we wandered into a few antique shops.

One of our favorites in town is called Avonlea. It’s got several sections and has sections that are owned by different people, so it’s a very eclectic mix.

I love the bottles. Different colors, different shapes and sizes.. I just love displays like this.

So stinkin cute & handmade!


Because there are different sections facilitated by different owners who pay for the space (kind of like a flea market), all of the items aren’t your typical old/vintage type things. This particular section was handmade, sewn and completely adorable!

I did purchase a few items.. a few pieces for our home, a Christmas present.. it was so productive! More about that later though.

After about 5 hours of shopping around, we were pretty tired and headed home to cat nap. After the cat nap I got up and got dressed to go back out because one of my FAVORITE bands was playing our local university. I’m a mix of things most of the time, and this band certainly falls into that. While I’m mostly jamming to country/classic rock/alternative types of sounds.. 3Oh!3 is probably best known for their song Don’t Trust Me. It’s a little profane, but overall pretty fantastic. Here’s a peek at another of my favorites by them:

Double Vision

Concert poster

Saturday was the laziest day I’ve had in a while. I woke up, sat on the couch with the boyfriend and proceeded to go get back in bed with my pups until the Florida Georgia game came on, around 3:30 in the afternoon. That part, I don’t want to talk any more about.. It was a pretty messy game, with a pretty undesirable ending. We’ll get ’em next time.

Sunday morning we woke up early and took the pups to the park so they could stretch their legs and play. The weather is finally getting cooler here in Florida and Sunday was b-e-a-utiful. I dropped by my mom’s house & ended up washing my car while the pups sunbathed, so we’ve already covered relaxing, playing, and productivity all by 11 a.m.

After the car was shining, I headed back home. The boy & I speed cleaned the house and I lit the smell goods while we attacked the laundry. My house is always filled with the best aromas – I have 2 tart burners (one in the living room and one in our bedroom) and buy wax tarts [in large quantities] from Southern Belle Scents to burn. Our house was bursting with scents of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves – perfect for fall! [I burn these during summer too because they’re intoxicating!]

After I put dinner on the table, it was time to get ready for ANOTHER concert. Completely opposite end of the spectrum, I met up with a couple of my favorite girl friends & we hit the best country bar in town for Eli Young Band.

Mavericks is filled with chandeliers like this one, it’s fantastic.

Love these ladies


While I woke up a little tired this morning [let’s face it, I always wake up tired EVERY morning], my soul feels refreshed and my heart feels light & even though it’s Monday, after a cup of coffee I was ready to get to it. There’s something to be said for live music and for spending time doing things that make you happy, just because.

Hope you all had just as wonderful of a weekend & here’s to a wonderful week!