Magic Moments:Life Lately in Instagrams.

It’s halfway through the work week, you guys. Yippeeeee!!

I’m encouraged and inspired ┬álately to keep going, to push harder & burn the midnight oil to keep up with projects (such as this blog & some DIY) after hours, but I tell ya.. after 12 hour days, lately I have just not had the oomph for it.

So let’s catch up via Instagram lately.

4th of july doughnutsWe celebrated the 4th with fireworks & festive doughnuts. Yeah buddy.
ducks latelyWe have some duck friends who come visit us. Usually there are 2 that visit in a pair, but lately it’s just one at a time. We feed the ducks and about 8 turtles that live in the pond too pretty regularly.
brooklyn latelyHere’s my baby girl. When I say baby, I mean she acts like she’s a baby.. but technically she’s middle-aged in dog years. She’s so photogenic.
dresses latelyDRESSES!! Ross has expanded their dress section and I was able to scoop up 3 lovelies without breaking my budget this past weekend. Josh didn’t really understand why I had to buy 3, but then again his wardrobe consists of about 1/3 of mine so.. yeah.
partners latelyShadows at the beach. This is probably my most favorite photo in a long time. I tweaked it using a couple of programs & am probably going to print/upsize it to display in the house very soon.

Little details make the every day special. Follow me on Instagram to see more of our little details & moments.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!



Magic Moments.

suitcase table present baby crock pot billys brunch brooklyn at vet brunch love duck friends favorite succulents spring wreath1. Restyled vintage suitcase side table. My birthday gift for my baby sister who just got her very first apartment solo. 2. My newest baby crock pot that is not used to cook with. I have a slight obsession with trying to make my house smell fresh and have finally found that burning essential oils in this little baby keeps it nice and fresh all day long. 3. Best brunch spot with the most amazing Belgian waffles & mimosas down near the beach. 4. Brooklyn. 5. Big smiles and loving the sunshine after brunch. 6. Our little friends who come to visit every morning when they see me open the porch door to let the pups out. 7. The newest plants to be added to our house, I ADORE succulents. 8. My new spring wreath that took MANY more hours than I originally bargained for, but is now proudly hanging on our front door.

Hope life is treating you just as well as it is us!