Project Life Updates: Weeks 5 &6

Project Life for weeks 5 & 6 looked like this:

Week 5

FxCam_1361308384222Unfortunately, I’ve been a little bit behind with printing out photos and trying to keep track of all of my items that I want to include so I only have one page for both weeks 5 & 6 vs. the 2 pages for all of the other weeks. It’s definitely easier to do it at the end of the week so you can stay caught up. I’ve been stretching myself a bit thin lately and it’s showing a little. During week 5, of course I have a photo of one of my fur babies lounging, being lazy and so cute. I can’t not take pictures of them. I worked out some Valentine’s Day and February selling incentives for my Mary Kay business and got a super cute little office package from an old friend of mine. They brighten up my desk and fridge.

Close Up


Week 6


Close UpFxCam_1361308474241

This week was filled with desk organization (post coming soon!) and of course more snuggle and cuddly photos of my puppies (they’re so sweet together). We’ve been focused on trying to eat healthier and have found some new things to try at the local Farmer’s Market (the star fruit in the top left photo) and homemade dog treats in the bottom left photo made of all natural ingredients and house favorites like wheat flour, peanut butter, milk, and honey. It’s a little more work but I feel better giving my pups natural treats and smaller treats so that I know what they’re eating and that they’ll be entertaining and snuggling with us for a long while.

It’s easy to forget the little moments and the “tasks” you checked off on your to-do list during the day and at the end of the week and it kinds of runs together. I’m so glad that I can hone in on the moments with this project.

Are you doing Project Life yet? It’s a growing phenomenon!

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