Work stye, life style: Pt 2

So last week, I came across the idea of batching. I shared my love of Google calendar and my admiration of Jess Lively’s very clean set up for her coming weeks. After I published that post, I sat down with pen and paper and wrote down what I hope to usually accomplish in one day and allotted specific time frames for each of those goals. If you work from home (or are attempting to or would like to at some point) this kind of mentality is necessary for actually getting things done as opposed to just saying you need to get those things done and complaining about not having enough time at the end of the day. If there’s enough time during the day when you’re physically at your job in an office (or just in the building where you physically work) there is no reason why there’s not enough time when you’re sitting in your home office.. right? There are just a lot more distractions and a much more happy-go-lucky attitude that accompanies working from home.

After writing up my daily schedule (I separated M/W vs. T/R for different projects that I work on and keep up with on a weekly basis) I went and plugged it all into my calendar. My calendar is also synced up with my phone and I added 10 minute pop-up reminders (and turned off the email reminders.. I don’t need an email every hour when it’s time to switch tasks). A pop up note on my cell phone to remind me to wrap up this task and get ready to transition to the next is a great idea for me. If you don’t like your phone next to you because it’s a distraction, then maybe email notifications that pop up in the corner of your computer are for you. For me, it clutters my inbox and I already have problems deleting emails regularly.

This week, (kind of like Jess Lively’s first week) isn’t as clean as I would like for it to be and you will notice a few overlaps in time frames because I scheduled things outside of where I decided it’s best for me to schedule future appointments in order to keep a better-flowing schedule for the future.


Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 11.23.47 AM

I have Monday – Thursday planned out all the way until it’s time for me to put everything away and start getting myself ready to go to work at 5. I’ve scheduled everything from lunch to dinner prep and down time to recharge whether that be watching TV or taking a nap. I have found that if you don’t schedule it, it usually doesn’t make it on the day’s activities and ridiculous amounts of time are lost browsing Pinterest for “just a minute.” My M/W are a little bit more straight forward and flow easily. My Tues/Thurs are a bit different depending on if I have any bookings for my Mary Kay business. I would LIKE to have bookings between 10 & 12 on Tues/Thurs and so I have reorganized the rest of my day while still trying to accomodate all of the same things as M/W. If I don’t have a booking those days though, then I can follow the M/W schedule.

Next week is a new week that doesn’t have any preexisting appointments to jumble what I’ve set up.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 11.37.59 AM

As always though, life happens and there will always be some improv involved but I just feel so much more organized and READY to tackle the things I need to because I have a set time when to do it and set times when I can relax without feeling guilty about it. This is week 1 of batching. Here’s hoping for a much more productive and less stressful week!

Happy Monday!

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Darling Little Things

A new series begins today called Darling Little Things.

In trying to get more organized and trying to blog more often, I’ve come to the realization that what my life is lacking is appreciation for simplicity. Sure, I notice things – but why not showcase the ones that really tickle me?

Over the last year I have tried valiantly to understand the concept of couponing and implemented several different tactics to trim our budget and get on track. I tried cutting out every single coupon in the ads every single Sunday (Oh how I dreaded Sundays during that time) and leaving them on the coffee table so I could see what I had. I also tried putting them into baseball card dividers inside of a binder. Better organization, less clutter.. but it was still alot of out of sight, out of mind. I have since started to utilize those coupon databases, my favorite is Be Centsable and I stick the weekly ads in a page protector inside a HUGE binder and archive them by date. But I was still at a loss for coupons I happened to find, or those catalinas that print when you’re checking out, or off of websites like or They were either all over my desk or I forgot I had them if I put them away.

Then recently, I came across this idea on Pinterest. The actual pin showed a regular key ring (that I have problems moving keys on and off of.. how in the world am I going to put paper on?) I chose to use one of those tiny clips you can find at Home Depot for your keys. I found a set of 2 for 96 cents at Walmart and voila! Easy on, easy off – and SO organized. They hang on my bulletin board above my desk on a tack, always in view. So simple. So brilliant!

Pure brilliance.

Then, my latest find. I was browsing the office supplies at Walmart this past weekend searching for a binder and a sketchbook to be more organized about my blogging. I’m just nerdy and love all office supplies and pens, post its, etc.. especially when they’re cute. Most times I don’t even let myself go down these aisles.. but I did and look what I found!

Portable post-its!

I’m always in need of a notebook or post its in my bag. I’ve transferred most of my thoughts to my cell phone into programs like Evernote so that I can remember later, but there’s just something about physically writing things down and being able to go back to them later.

So darling!

Best part? They’re super cute & only cost $1.50! Now go on out to your neighborhood Walmart & go find these little beauties. You know you need one for your purse, for your car, for your work bag…

Beautiful simplicity!