Magic Moments:Life Lately in Instagrams.

It’s halfway through the work week, you guys. Yippeeeee!!

I’m encouraged and inspired  lately to keep going, to push harder & burn the midnight oil to keep up with projects (such as this blog & some DIY) after hours, but I tell ya.. after 12 hour days, lately I have just not had the oomph for it.

So let’s catch up via Instagram lately.

4th of july doughnutsWe celebrated the 4th with fireworks & festive doughnuts. Yeah buddy.
ducks latelyWe have some duck friends who come visit us. Usually there are 2 that visit in a pair, but lately it’s just one at a time. We feed the ducks and about 8 turtles that live in the pond too pretty regularly.
brooklyn latelyHere’s my baby girl. When I say baby, I mean she acts like she’s a baby.. but technically she’s middle-aged in dog years. She’s so photogenic.
dresses latelyDRESSES!! Ross has expanded their dress section and I was able to scoop up 3 lovelies without breaking my budget this past weekend. Josh didn’t really understand why I had to buy 3, but then again his wardrobe consists of about 1/3 of mine so.. yeah.
partners latelyShadows at the beach. This is probably my most favorite photo in a long time. I tweaked it using a couple of programs & am probably going to print/upsize it to display in the house very soon.

Little details make the every day special. Follow me on Instagram to see more of our little details & moments.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!



Checkin off those goals.

Another goal checked off the list. This one was less focused on a better physical or financial well being and more on self expression and experimentation.

We celebrated a lovely lady’s birthday this weekend and I broke out the red lipstick to go with my party dress.

Firecracker red.


Crossing off completed goals feels great (even if it is something a little more trivial like wearing red lipstick) & makes the year feel progressive.

I think it’s good to challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone in lots of ways and this was my perfect example.


We had a lovely time and we got some great photos.

Hope you had a happy weekend!

In case you were wondering- the lipstick? It’s Mary Kay. The dress? It’s Forever 21. 🙂

Darling Little Things: Better photos with Photojojo

Have you heard of the Photojojo store? It’s an online shop with all kinds of AWESOME stuff for taking better photos on less traditional mediums, like with your phone or iPad. I have a Nikon D3000 that I love but don’t use as often as I should because I don’t carry it with me everywhere. I carry my phone and my iPad with me much more often.

The drawback with relying on a camera phone and iPad is that that some of the quality is lost by taking that quick shot. I’m not saying that you can’t have great photos using your phone, you absolutely can.. it just takes more thought & maybe an add on app or equipment.

I’ve been relying on my phone and iPad more exclusively recently to do all of my photos for this blog and feel that they’re lacking.. so I’ve decided to finally buy some things I’ve been eyeing from the Photojojo store.

photojojo lenses

I ordered a 4 pack of lenses that can be used on my phone & are easily removable and reattached to my iPad. I can’t wait to test them out & see what I can do differently with my images.

Here’s a coupon code for all of you to to buy some awesome Photojojo items as well:

$5 off Photojojo Order

Just click the link & add items to your cart. a $5 discount appears when you go to check out.


Photostrip love.

I’m sliding focus to smaller details around our house. A brighter, cheerier rug for our living room to open it up a bit more. Curtains. Throw pillows. Updated photos and different photo displays around the house.

I’ve pinned tutorials about how to create photo strips in Photoshop and just haven’t gotten around to playing around with it.

But I found an easier way: Boothgram.


Once you go to Boothgram, it asks you to log into your Instagram account. You are then given the option to choose four photos, either your own or photos you’ve liked. Those photos are then laid into a photo strip (up to four photos and in the order you choose them).

Once you’re happy with a layout, you save the file. I saved my files and placed them into a Word document (I didn’t change the size and fit 2 to a page) and sent them to Staples to print a higher quality. You could also print at home and save that $0.59 a page but I’m pretty happy with the quality and $1.50 price tag for my two pages of photo strips.

For now, this website looks as though it loads photos from Instagram exclusively. I may get around to tinkering in Photoshop for non-Instagram photos eventually but most of my favorite photos get shared through Instagram anyway, so this site is a winner in my book!


Project Life: Weeks 3 & 4

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but pollen season has arrived in Florida and it is working me over pretty good this year. I have been battling congestion, headaches & I have a nice cough that has slowly made me lose my voice over the last week. I’m now working with a robot/frog sounding voice, but at least I can get words out. So, that being said – since I was not feeling well last week, I didn’t get much done in any category. But today I am playing catch up and posting reviews of the last two weeks for Project Life.

Week 3 


FxCam_1359396408566Week 3 was filled with all kinds of Mary Kay activity. This was the first week that I actually put a lot of effort into planning and reaching out to my network and I had my first skin care party and set up for my first 1-on-1 facial session. I made my first sale and was super pumped about the Mary Kay opportunity to generate some extra income for our household [for now] and maybe transition into something I do full time hopefully at some point this year. I’ve been collecting stamps when I’m out and have found quite a few cute ones for a buck or 2. I like to incorporate the stamps onto the journaling cards for an extra something special. This week was focused not only on Mary Kay, but also on healthy eating so most of my photos are of those two things from this week. I used more of the journaling cards and experimented with printing on the journaling cards as well. I have to say I’m loving printing on non-traditional items.

Week 4



During week 4, I got fancy making crepes for Sunday brunch – & they were whole wheat! Josh & the pups flipped for them and they still fit into our healthy eating goal for 2013. Score! We also cooked on the new grill for the first time, and we grilled salmon filets.. something else we’re trying to do, which is incorporate more fish into our diet and less red meat. Honestly we don’t eat much red meat as it is because it’s more expensive and tends to bust our budget, but I’m trying to find creative ways to work in a little more fish too. After all they say it’s brain food, right? Besides that I featured my baby pup Brooklyn because she’s just so stinkin cute. I know.. everybody thinks their dog is cuter than everybody else’s, so don’t mind my [almost] seemingly obsessive tendency to snap pictures of the dogs every day, but the Labelbox app (available in the android market for free) allowed me to add a cute little label that punches the photo up a notch I think. I took the photo using the PuddingCamera app (also available in the android market for free) and it’s really my new favorite camera app because it offers different cameras and colors/filters with each and each camera takes a different kind of photo. It really gives your images more dimension. Otherwise, we went to an antique show this past weekend, I FINALLY ordered new [better quality] work shoes (and they’re Crocs no less, which I swore I would never wear.. but for work, these shoes are amazing!) and the Farmer’s Market. I’m pretty excited about our trip to the Farmer’s Market, we were able to get all sorts of fresh fruits and veggies for cheaper than we usually can find them at the grocery store or Walmart. I think we may be going there regularly from here on out. Josh also surprised me with soup and cough drops one night (sounds silly) but when you’re coughing your lungs up and feel awful but went to work anyway.. that’s a sweet little surprise sitting on the counter when you get home.

I think for the next couple of weeks I need to pay more attention to places I go and things I GET that can be incorporated as well. I’m doing alright with photos but adding THINGS is the next step for me, I think.

Happy Monday!

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