Project Life Updates: Weeks 5 &6

Project Life for weeks 5 & 6 looked like this:

Week 5

FxCam_1361308384222Unfortunately, I’ve been a little bit behind with printing out photos and trying to keep track of all of my items that I want to include so I only have one page for both weeks 5 & 6 vs. the 2 pages for all of the other weeks. It’s definitely easier to do it at the end of the week so you can stay caught up. I’ve been stretching myself a bit thin lately and it’s showing a little. During week 5, of course I have a photo of one of my fur babies lounging, being lazy and so cute. I can’t not take pictures of them. I worked out some Valentine’s Day and February selling incentives for my Mary Kay business and got a super cute little office package from an old friend of mine. They brighten up my desk and fridge.

Close Up


Week 6


Close UpFxCam_1361308474241

This week was filled with desk organization (post coming soon!) and of course more snuggle and cuddly photos of my puppies (they’re so sweet together). We’ve been focused on trying to eat healthier and have found some new things to try at the local Farmer’s Market (the star fruit in the top left photo) and homemade dog treats in the bottom left photo made of all natural ingredients and house favorites like wheat flour, peanut butter, milk, and honey. It’s a little more work but I feel better giving my pups natural treats and smaller treats so that I know what they’re eating and that they’ll be entertaining and snuggling with us for a long while.

It’s easy to forget the little moments and the “tasks” you checked off on your to-do list during the day and at the end of the week and it kinds of runs together. I’m so glad that I can hone in on the moments with this project.

Are you doing Project Life yet? It’s a growing phenomenon!

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Project Life: Weeks 3 & 4

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but pollen season has arrived in Florida and it is working me over pretty good this year. I have been battling congestion, headaches & I have a nice cough that has slowly made me lose my voice over the last week. I’m now working with a robot/frog sounding voice, but at least I can get words out. So, that being said – since I was not feeling well last week, I didn’t get much done in any category. But today I am playing catch up and posting reviews of the last two weeks for Project Life.

Week 3 


FxCam_1359396408566Week 3 was filled with all kinds of Mary Kay activity. This was the first week that I actually put a lot of effort into planning and reaching out to my network and I had my first skin care party and set up for my first 1-on-1 facial session. I made my first sale and was super pumped about the Mary Kay opportunity to generate some extra income for our household [for now] and maybe transition into something I do full time hopefully at some point this year. I’ve been collecting stamps when I’m out and have found quite a few cute ones for a buck or 2. I like to incorporate the stamps onto the journaling cards for an extra something special. This week was focused not only on Mary Kay, but also on healthy eating so most of my photos are of those two things from this week. I used more of the journaling cards and experimented with printing on the journaling cards as well. I have to say I’m loving printing on non-traditional items.

Week 4



During week 4, I got fancy making crepes for Sunday brunch – & they were whole wheat! Josh & the pups flipped for them and they still fit into our healthy eating goal for 2013. Score! We also cooked on the new grill for the first time, and we grilled salmon filets.. something else we’re trying to do, which is incorporate more fish into our diet and less red meat. Honestly we don’t eat much red meat as it is because it’s more expensive and tends to bust our budget, but I’m trying to find creative ways to work in a little more fish too. After all they say it’s brain food, right? Besides that I featured my baby pup Brooklyn because she’s just so stinkin cute. I know.. everybody thinks their dog is cuter than everybody else’s, so don’t mind my [almost] seemingly obsessive tendency to snap pictures of the dogs every day, but the Labelbox app (available in the android market for free) allowed me to add a cute little label that punches the photo up a notch I think. I took the photo using the PuddingCamera app (also available in the android market for free) and it’s really my new favorite camera app because it offers different cameras and colors/filters with each and each camera takes a different kind of photo. It really gives your images more dimension. Otherwise, we went to an antique show this past weekend, I FINALLY ordered new [better quality] work shoes (and they’re Crocs no less, which I swore I would never wear.. but for work, these shoes are amazing!) and the Farmer’s Market. I’m pretty excited about our trip to the Farmer’s Market, we were able to get all sorts of fresh fruits and veggies for cheaper than we usually can find them at the grocery store or Walmart. I think we may be going there regularly from here on out. Josh also surprised me with soup and cough drops one night (sounds silly) but when you’re coughing your lungs up and feel awful but went to work anyway.. that’s a sweet little surprise sitting on the counter when you get home.

I think for the next couple of weeks I need to pay more attention to places I go and things I GET that can be incorporated as well. I’m doing alright with photos but adding THINGS is the next step for me, I think.

Happy Monday!

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Project Life: Week 1

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of my Project Life kit for Wordless Wednesday. I’ve been following Elise Cripe’s blog for some time now and love her posts about her experience with Project Life. I also follow A Beautiful Mess dutifully and have come to realize that there is something totally beautiful about documenting your every day life. It’s not all glamorous and I’m certainly not a movie star, but by taking a moment to capture the moments that we’re taking part in, it makes me appreciate my every day and helps me see things that I wouldn’t otherwise, that might just fall under the routine and be lost when I lay down to go to sleep.

So, as part of my 2013 goals (full list coming soon!) I have decided to take part in a challenge of documenting our every day life by means of Project Life. You can order a kit on Amazon and choose your color preferences and different nifty little page protectors that feature different size inserts to change the layout from week to week. I took a fairly long time to pick the layouts that I wanted and so I didn’t physically have them in hand to lay out week 1, but thanks to a new upgrade to Amazon Prime (thanks mom!) – a plethora of page inserts will be arriving on my door step tomorrow, in time for this week’s recap.

Here’s a peek into Week 1:

FxCam_1357494186744 FxCam_1357494230459These were some of the tools I was working with. Since I didn’t have the page protectors with insert templates, I laid out my items and photos on paper and put them into full page inserts.

FxCam_1357494640220This did require a bit more thinking and planning than this project usually requires, because part of the beauty of Project Life is that there is no scrapbooking, there is no glue, no paper scraps, etc. It wasn’t too in-depth, but for those of you who aren’t huge fans of scrapbooking – this project is definitely a bit different with all the great perks of recording memories in scrapbooks.

FxCam_1357497140726 FxCam_1357497203152I’ve been paying a little extra attention lately when I’m out, anywhere really. I picked up this lovely stamp, some labels, and found a few other items for labeling when I was cleaning out a closet this past weekend. I also put little momentos from the week in a safe place so that I could add them as well. The wrist band is from the bar we rang in the new year, a handwritten card that came in the mail from an old friend, and snapshots of the different activities we took part in this week with a little journaling. I gotta say I feel like I accomplished more in this week just by taking photos of everything we did, and I think it might drive me to do more in times when I’m feeling lazier so that I have something to put in my weekly recap. It can only be good. 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday – 12.26.12

WW Project Life

Confused? I’ve been largely inspired by Elise Cripe and you can see her adventures with Project Life here. I’m SO excited to take part in Project Life 2013. Sure, not every day is the most exciting, but it’s YOUR life and it’s something special, wouldn’t you say?