A little spontaneity to cure the heart.

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m happy to say that this Monday I’m feeling refreshed, physically & more importantly- mentally.

Last week was a tough week for me. Every day started clumsily; I was knocking my coffee over, or running late, chasing the dogs because they decided to be more adventurous than usual and run off, you name it. I was waking up exhausted (I’m pretty sure I wake up during my deep sleep cycle and need to do something about that) and annoyed before I’d even started my day really.

I was also feeling disconnected, from everyone and everything meanwhile stressing some upcoming obligations and financial things. Not the best mix.

On Friday afternoon I was just trying to get myself psyched up for my last work shift Friday night & I was talking to Josh about my crappy mood and lack of excitement. I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned needing a little getaway over the past 2-3 weeks but I must have said it again Friday.

I’ll be the first to tell you what I think I need, but the last to take a break or spend on something fun when there are other obligations.

Josh said: Let’s go to Daytona this weekend. Book a hotel. I’ll cover everything. We’ll go tomorrow morning after my class.

And so I did.

We had a lovely little beach side weekend drinking cocktails on the hotel balcony overlooking the beach and spent Sunday playing in the water and lounging on the beach.

daytona 2
daytona 1 It was a short trip, only an hour or so away from home. Sometimes though, I think we just need a change of scenery and some time to be unavailable to our to-do lists.

Cheers to feeling refreshed & reconnected!


Southern Eats

Another Monday is upon us, and it’s a very Europe-esque type here in Florida today. I love love LOVED Europe when I got to spend time there almost this time last year, but I was not too big a fan of their overcast, rainy days that are a pretty common norm.. I mean like every day. I think Mother Nature’s confused and sending some of their weather to Florida these past few days… but we’re off to work anyways!

Our weekend was filled with busyness as usual. On Sundays I like to do all of the domestic type things, clean the house, finish the laundry, get dinner prepped and hopefully (if I’m ahead) get dinner prepped for some of the week nights so that it’s not such a scramble if I forget to set something out. While I was getting the veggies ready for stew, we decided to make a southern delight for a snack – fried squash!

It was our first time doing it at home and we experimented a little bit with different processes.

Fried Squash collage


We sliced up the squash into thin slices and then dipped into this mixture of flour, eggs & a pinch of salt. Next time I think 2 separate bowls: one flour, one egg. We eventually changed our process to dip in the egg mixture and then in plain flour and then throw in the pan of oil.

It might not have been the picture we were imagining when we got everything out for this, but it was pretty good! Southern comfort food is the best.



What kind of snacks do you make when you have time to do more than grab a bag of chips? I would love suggestions!